Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon

Itinerant Theoretical Biologist

US: 1-850-745-5011, Canada: 1-204-767-2164, Skype: DickGordonCan

Richard Gordon


Series editor of: Diatoms: Biology & Applications (Wiley-Scrivener) and Astrobiology Perspectives on Life of the Universe (Wiley-Scrivener).





 1. Gordon, N.K. & R. Gordon (2016). Embryogenesis Explained. Singapore, World Scientific Publishing Company.
Watch the movie and then buy the book.

2. Gordon, R. & A.A. Sharov, Ed. (2017). Habitability of the Universe Before Earth. Amsterdam, Elsevier B.V. Web:

3. Seckbach, J. and Gordon, R. (eds.) (2018) Diatoms: Fundamentals & Applications [DIFA, Volume 1 in the series: Diatoms: Biology & Applications, series editors: Richard Gordon & Joseph Seckbach]. Wiley-Scrivener, Beverly, MA, USA, in press.