Wayne State University and the University of Toronto

Event Description:
The C.S. Mott Center's Annual Scientific Retreat has been a gathering of basic scientists and OB/GYN clinicians to present and discuss ongoing fertility-related research conducted at the Mott Center and across Wayne State University.  In 2015, the University of Toronto's Department of OB/GYN joined with WSU's Department of OB/GYN and began the joint venture of combining their Annual Retreats and Research Days.  The combined event has provided a venue for fostering communication and collaborations between the two research institutions.  The location of the retreat alternates between the two universities. Wayne State is hosting the retreat in 2017

Location of Events:      (campus map)             

                McGregor Conference Center
                495 Gilmour Mall
                Detroit, MI 48202

Contact us at: MottUTRetreat@wayne.edu  or 313-577-1337