On behalf of the DMC GME Office, I am pleased to announce the winners of the DMC’s 13th Annual GME Quality Education and Safe Systems Training (QuESST) Research Competition! This year, QuESST included separate competitions highlighting Quality Improvement and Research projects. In total, 49 residents and fellows presented their projects through voice-over recordings.

DMC GME QuESST 2024 Presentations

Thank you to all of the residents and fellows who contributed their work to QuESST and to all of the faculty supervisors, research coordinators, and department staff that support scholarly activity at the DMC! I would also like to give a special thank you to our volunteer faculty judges. Without their time, effort, and expertise, we could not conduct this special event.

Research Competition

First Place Award • $1,500 Prize

Presenter: Alexander Juusela, MD
Project Title:
Impact of Gestational E-Cigarette Aerosols on Uterine Artery Function in Rats
Training Program: Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Project Faculty Mentor: Jayanth Ramadoss, PhD



Second Place Award • $1,000 Prize
Presenter: Natalie Gaines, PharmD
Project Title:
Milrinone Use and Complications in Critically Ill Adults
Training Program: Pharmacy
Project Faculty Mentor: Krista Wahby, PharmD


Third Place Award • $750 Prize

Presenter: Elizabeth Johns, MD & Kaitlin Burchett, MD
Project Title:
Racial Disparities in Financial Toxicity and Social Risks Among Detroit Endometrial Cancer Survivors
Training Program: Gynecologic Oncology
Project Faculty Mentor: Theresa Hastert, PhD



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