Midwifery services

The Wayne State University Physician Group Nurse midwives are a diverse group of advanced practice nurses who possess a special understanding of women's health and the birthing experience. They offer a holistic, education-based approach to low risk patients that is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each woman. The focus of the nurse midwife in delivery is to assist in providing a normal physiologic birth experience; our midwives only provide this service in the hospital setting. If a patient develops a medical condition that complicates their pregnancy, the midwives work in collaboration with the attending doctors to ensure the patient access to the level of care that is needed. Nurse Midwives are culturally sensitive to the needs of women of all lifestyles and ethnicities. Midwives are with women for a lifetime and offer a wide range of services. Learn more about our midwives.

  • Family planning and preconception counseling
  • Gynecologic care
  • Prenatal care
  • Personalized labor and birth
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Postpartum care
  • Adolescent pregnancy services
  • Screening and treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Screening for breast and cervical cancer
  • Menopause care