Research Divisions

The Wayne State University School of Medicine has a distinguished history of producing the nation's finest physicians and researchers. Our researchers within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology are assisting in making the university not only a center for medical education, but the source of groundbreaking clinical research put into practice around the world.

The C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development, a basic, research facility housing over 28,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space, is located on the medical campus of Wayne State University School of Medicine.

The Mott Center houses the research laboratories of the Perinatology Research Branch (PRB) of the NICHD, the Implantation Laboratory of the Reproductive Biology and Medicine Branch, NICHD Intramural Research Division, the Wayne State University Genomics Facility, a Bioinformatics Center and a Systems Biology section. It also contains one of the Ob/Gyn Department's Clinical Research areas.


Division Faculty

Gil Mor - Director, C.S. Mott Center 
Stephen Krawetz - Division Director
Husam Abu-Soud
Kang Chen
Jennifer Condon
Sorin Draghici
Nardhy Gomez-Lopez
John Hannigan
Susan Land
Nihar Nayak 
Jeyasuria Pancharatnam 
Richard Pilsner
Jayanth Ramadoss
Daniel Rappolee 
Douglas Ruden 
Ghassan Saed 
Robert Sokol 

Adjunct Faculty

Susan Dombrowski 
Robert Freedman 
Juri Gelovani 
Jian-Ping Jin 
Steven Lipshultz 
Francesca Luca 
Sylvie Naar-King 
Steven Ondersma
Roger Pique-Regi 
Jack Sobel