John Hannigan

John Hannigan



313-664-2555 (fax)

John Hannigan

Academic Rank

Professor with Tenure (full time)

Office Address

Freer House, 71 East Ferry


Fairfield University (BS, 1975)

Binghamton University (MA, 1981)

Binghamton University (PhD, 1983)

Courses taught

PSL 7730  Reproductive Sciences: Teratology (Course Instructor)

PSL 7715  Principles of Reproductive Biology: Teratology Lecture (Lecturer) 

ANA 7080 Anatomy & Embryology: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Lecture (Lecturer)

PSY 2080  Drugs, Behavior and Society (Course Instructor)

Graduate Advisor/Mentor. Departments of Psychology (Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience; Developmental; Clinical), Sociology


NICHD Postdoctoral Fellow, Mental Retardation Research Center (now the Developmental Disabilities Research Center) UCLA (1984)


 My research studies the mechanisms, impact, detection, and prevention of prenatal exposures to alcohol, cocaine and other drugs..

Current projects:

1) Implementing effective and efficient prenatal screens for fetal risk drinking in clinical settings and assess long-term outcomes;

2) Test social/cognitive interventions in community settings to ameliorate development effects of prenatal and environmental exosure;

3) Lead community engagement activities addressing environmental health and quality of early child education.


Callan, S.P., Bowen, S.E., Hannigan, J.H. (2017) Prenatal toluene exposure impairs performance in the Morris water maze in adolescent rats. Neuroscience. 342:180-187 PMID: 26318334

Maslowsky, J., Schulenberg, J., Chiodo, L.M., Hannigan, J.H., Greenwald, M., Janisse, J., Sokol, R.J., Delaney-Black, V. (2016) Parental support, mental health, and alcohol and marijuana use in national and high-risk African American adolescent samples. Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment. 9:11-20 (S1 - Supplement: Externalizing and Internalizing Symptomology and Risk for Substance Abuse: Unique and Interactive Influences). PMID: 26843811

Hannigan, J.H., Chiodo, L.M., Sokol, R.J., Janisse, J., Delaney-Black, V. (2015) Prenatal alcohol exposure selectively enhances young adult perceived pleasantness of alcohol odors. Physiology & Behavior. 148:71-77. PMID: 25600468

Chiodo, L.M., Delaney-Black, V., Sokol, R.J., Janisse, J., Pardo, Y., Hannigan, J.H. (2014) Increased cut-point of the TACER-3 screen reduces false positives without losing sensitivity in predicting risk alcohol drinking in pregnancy. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. 38(5) 1401-1408. (PMID: 24655071

Bowen, S.E., Hannigan, J.H. (2013) Binge toluene exposure in pregnancy and preweaning developmental consequences in rats. Neurotoxicology and Teratology. 38:29-35. PMID: 23597557

Chiodo, L.M., Bailey, B., Sokol, R.J., Janisse, J., Delaney-Black, V., Hannigan, J.H. (2012) Recognized spontaneous abortion in mid-pregnancy and patterns of pregnancy alcohol use. Alcohol, 46:261-267. PMID: 22440690

Other Information

 Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute

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