Susan Land

Susan Land

Associate Professor and Director, Applied Genomics Technology Center


Susan Land

Academic Rank

Associate Professor, Research (full time)

Courses taught

Director.  Fluidigm Corporation, Single Cell Biology Seminar, The CS Mott Center for Human Growth and Development.

CB 7990  - Instructor.  Karmanos Cancer Institute, Research Technologies in Cancer Biology.
BIO – 1510 - Instructor.  Department of Biology, Basic Life Mechanisms Lecture.
BIO 1510: Genomics technologies tour for students with Professor Abigail J. Fusaro, PhD.
Lecturer.  Mary Grove College, Biology II-Unity and Diversity of Life.
Instructor.  Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, East Middle School Science Olympiad Team. 
BME 5995 - Instructor. Biomedical Engineering, Modern Methods in Cell and Tissue Engineering.
BIO 5150/7150:  Tour of genomics technologies - Lecturer.  Department of Biology, Genomics.
Bio 6020:  Tour of genomics technologies - Lecturer.  Department of Biology, Methods of Analyses.
Advisor/Mentor.  Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed, MD; Thesis title:  Transcriptomic Analysis of Cell-Free RNA in the Amniotic Fluid of Patients with Preterm Labor using Next Generation Sequencing.
Lecturer.  Tour of genomics technologies: Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Fellowship Recruitment; MD/PhD students; Faculty recruitment; Candidate for Program Leader, Tumor Biology and Microenvironment; Candidate for Molecular Therapeutics Program; New WSU Faculty.


The Applied Genomics Technology Center (AGTC) is a state-of-the-art facility encompassing a wide range of genomic technologies and the expertise and track record to work with research scientists and physicians. Services include DNA isolation, DNA sequencing, next generation sequencing, genotyping, RNA isolation, and expression analysis. The facility has both low throughput and high throughput technologies to accommodate investigators’ needs, e.g. expression analysis options include: Applied Biosystems TagMan assays, Illumina BeadArrays, Affymetrix GeneChips, and digital gene expression on the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx.


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